Curbside find to Porch Decor

What have you found on the curb and given new life?

Many times someone is getting rid of something that someone else would LOVE to have! That was the case when someone set this worn out – wooden stand beverage holder. The lid was missing, so it wouldn’t be good for a cooler anymore, but I didn’t mind. All I had in my head was “FLOWER POT.” I’m always looking for something to plant flowers in! It was the perfect amount of chippy, old, worn out goodness for some pretty flowers to have a new home.

Our home was hit by a derecho, or land hurricane in August of 2020. We had to move to a rental home while repairs were made as it wasn’t safe for our two young girls, and what a mess it was. This curbside find was PERFECT for flowers at our rental house. I was so excited to find it for free and dress it up with some nice fall mums and pumpkins.

I’d love to know what you’ve found on the curb!

Happy hunting!



Emily Prusha is the face behind the DIY/Lifestyle blog at The Frugal Farmer's Daughter. Growing up in small-town Iowa, she learned to be frugal and make new of what she already has at home. She is a lover of thrift shops and garage sales. Wrangling her two small children on a rural acreage, she shares some of her projects and "frugal finds."

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