DIY Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

WOW! It’s been two month’s since I’ve written a post. I’m glad to be back!

Father’s Day is Sunday, folks you have two days! If you’re like me, you aren’t shopping much with COVID-19 or maybe you shopped online but shipping is taking longer. Either way, this Father’s Day DIY can be made with supplies you most likely have at home or I bet your neighbor does!

Let’s get to it.

First you’ll need a scrap piece of wood.

I picked this smaller piece for our preschooler to write DAD on. If you have more kids, you might use a larger piece and let them each write or draw on it, depending on their ages.

Next, draw on your design or letters. I wrote DAD on a piece of paper, let my preschooler practice once on paper, then gave her a sharpie to write on the wood. I’d say she did excellent!

Now, add your nails. First and foremost make sure the nails you are about to use are short enough to not go through the wood once you hammer them into the board. You’re able to check this by placing the nail to the side of the board and comparing size.

Keep in mind your end design. You’ll have to think ahead about nail placement to make sure your string ends up going where it is supposed to & creating the end look you want. I placed and started each nail, then let our preschooler pound them the rest of the way. We left them sticking out from the wood about 1/4″, giving us room to add and tie string. You’ll have to decide for yourself if your kids are ready to use a hammer. Our preschooler is in the shop with my husband working projects all the time, so I knew she would be able to pound in some nails. My grandpa taught me how to pound in nails when I was her age so this has always been something very dear to my heart. Oh what I would give to still have a scrap piece of wood filled with nails that my grandpa and I did together.

Time for string! I tied string onto one of the nails as an anchor, then let our preschooler try the rest. She would go around the letter, then I would help finish up and secure the string by going all the way around each individual nail.

Going around each individual nail creates a strong hold for the string to not slip off of the nails.

I have to admit, I have NEVER taken a string art class or done a string art project before, but it didn’t hinder my ability to do this project without any problems. It was fun and pretty easy to do. Those of you who have taken those classes or done a string art craft before will breeze through this!

If you don’t have string at home, you might be able to get creative and use a shoe string, rubber bands, hair ties (ponytails), or twine!

In completion, I let my preschooler write her name on the back and draw on it. I then wrote Father’s Day 2020 on the back so her dad could remember how old she was when she made it. She already gave it to her dad and he said it would look great on his desk at work! How sweet 🙂

This entire project took less than an hour.

Love this easy, special gift that you probably have all the supplies for at home!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.


Emily Prusha is the face behind the DIY/Lifestyle blog at The Frugal Farmer's Daughter. Growing up in small-town Iowa, she learned to be frugal and make new of what she already has at home. She is a lover of thrift shops and garage sales. Wrangling her two small children on a rural acreage, she shares some of her projects and "frugal finds."

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