How to Help Your Community, While Social Distancing

Spring time is here, yet so is COVID-19.

Here are some of the ways our family has been able to beat the blues… getting some time outside while helping out our community. Use these ideas or come up with your own. I think this time is great to teach our children more unique life experiences that may not have the opportunity to be included in school lessons.

Please remember to follow the laws and orders in place in your area. Stay safe! Don’t forget to wash your hands!

  • Clean up leaves and old plant debris out of flowerbeds.
  • Remove leaves from around gravestones.
  • Do you know of someone with gravel in their yard that may have escaped into their grass where it doesn’t belong?

Have an elderly neighbor with flowerbeds that need cleaned? What about a cemetery, nursing home, veteran’s home, fire station, police station, hospice house? Could you help them by cleaning up their flower beds?

  • Raking leaves?
  • Pulling weeds?

This is a great opportunity to talk with your children about what these places are for. You can now ask our preschooler about cemeteries and she will tell you what they are for, how we respect them, and how we can keep them looking nice to pay respects to those gone before us. I look forward to this being a yearly tradition with our children.

  • Pick up garbage.

When you stop to look, its ridiculous how much garbage you can find in your community.

  • Lend a helping hand to nature.

Grab a pair of gloves, some garbage bags & head out to clean up your roads, public parks, playgrounds, wildlife areas, cemeteries, parking lots, school yards… the list is endless. A great time to teach your children how to care for the earth, not to litter, and notice the damage it does to our environment.

  • Bake something special for someone.
  • Donate extra items or unused items to someone in need.

Celebrate the difference you have made!

Comment with your ideas. What have you done to make a difference in your community during this pandemic?

Our preschooler and I picking up trash at a local county conservation park in our area. She was so excited to explore nature and made a game of spotting the garbage in the weeds. She was so happy and couldn’t believe we picked up so much garbage. She has the kindest heart.