DIY Outdoor Playground Music Wall

Most parents despise musical toys – you know, drum sets… maracas… kazoos. My husband isn’t a fan at all – I don’t mind them, but for both of our sanity – I decided one day we would create a fun outdoor music wall for my daughter to play with.

So, here it is. An outdoor music wall for your kids to bang on and make all the racket they want – outside!

To start off, you’ll need a base to attach everything to. We used a pallet type board, or a pallet crate lid. These can often be found at many stores for FREE in the dumpster. Don’t be afraid to ask… literally anywhere. There is always SOMEONE thankful to get rid of a pallet. If you like the look of ours, check out your nearest farm implement dealer and ask if they have any pallet crates they want rid of. You can paint it, stain it, seal it, or burn it with a torch like we did.

My husband is using a small propane torch to burn the wood. Just gives the wood a fun look, and he likes to play with fire!

Once you have an idea of the size of board you will be working with, it’s time to shop your kitchen, grandma’s kitchen, your great aunt’s kitchen, basements, Salvation Army, Goodwill, garage sales, you name it. Look for metal pans, cookie cutters, pie tins, bundt pans, anything that will make some NOISE! I found some metal lid holder racks, metal mixing spoons, whisks, all kinds of things. I thought we would use the spoons, whisks, etc as the “drumsticks.”

Get creative. Use a baby rattle, cooking spatula, you could even take apart an old xylophone like we did here.

Lay everything out on the board to see how you like it, where you’d want it placed, and how it will all fit together. I had fun lining similar things up in order of size. Now you will have to use some caution attaching your items to your board. I knew I needed husband to help with this task. He used some nails, screws, and hooks we had laying in our junk drawer. I’m sure you have one of those too. You can see the metal spoon, strainer, and cookie cutter laying on the cement. Those are some of the “drumsticks” we got to bang on the board with – can’t wait to create some awesome music!


Now the next time your kids have the urge to be loud, send them outside and have at it!