Pantry Makeover

We have a little “nook” off of our kitchen on the way to our formal dining room. It is also home to the door to go up the “butler’s staircase” to an upstairs bedroom. This has always been an odd area for me to have a true purpose, kind of a catch-all for everything that needs to be put away. I have had a wooden bookcase-type shelf there for years, that I purchased at a local auction house for $1. It was fine, but I just felt like the rest of the area was a big waste of space.

I started searching Pinterest for some ideas of how I could make this space better. That’s when I stumbled across a post by CitygirlmeetsFarmboy showing an awesome pantry. It became our inspiration for this space. They took a lot of time to create an amazing blog post with very detailed instructions. You can find their blog post here: DIY Pantry Shelf – Handmade Haven. I will let you visit their blog for the step by step instructions. 🙂

My husband measured our space and we decided on just doing one section of “pantry wall.” I found the black hutch on Facebook Marketplace not too far from our house for $75. I liked it a lot more than what we had before. This piece comes all the way to the ground, instead of having legs like the other piece. I also liked that this had more “hidden storage.” My desk is a built-in in our kitchen, so a lot of the extra junk from my desk is hidden inside this black hutch. It is also home to our printer. You can see that the wall and ceiling above is slanted, as the “butler staircase” is to the left and directly above. I will have to experiment with decor, etc to go above the hutch. Styling is not my thing!

I am very happy with how it turned out. We added some trim boards to the back of each shelf to keep items from sliding off the back of the shelves. Our pantry doesn’t sit flush with the wall because of the size of our baseboards. My husband used scrap 2×4 pieces to anchor it to the wall and take up the space between the wall and shelving.

You can find my cute pantry sign here: Rustic Wood Block Pantry Sign

In a future post I’ll show you our “Butler’s Staircase” and how we turned it into 2 separate closets while minimally altering the original woodwork. Stay tuned!

I love my new pantry wall. It really gave this space in our house a purpose and is extremely helpful for me to have. My cupboards are much more organized since I was able to spread everything out. This added a ton of storage for our kitchen. Many thanks to my hubby for building this for me!

Until next time 🙂